Owd Straw Top....


Owd Straw Top....

There are more thatched rooves in the United Kingdom and in Ireland than in any other European country… Traditionally wheat straw and reed were used to thatch England’s roofs. Locally, it harvested from the reed beds on the River Wyre at Little Eccleston and St Michael’s. Today, it is grown by specialist growers in South East England and more recently Eastern Europe. This European reed is becoming more and more popular atop England’s roofs.

Good quality thatching straw can last for more than 45–50 years, when applied by a skilled Thatcher. Traditionally, a new layer of straw was simply applied over the weathered surface. The ridge requires more attention than the rest of the roof, having to be re ridged every 3 to 5 years. Here at Guy’s our North East facing rooves need a little combing, to remove the damp moss from the Thatch which accumulated during the winter months.

Wayne and his company, Thatchright, are our sole thatching contractor. However, he works up and down the country looking after all types of thatched properties. You will regularly see him up on the roof here at Guy’s cutting, combing and keeping our straw top in good order. Next time you see bundles of thatch on the floor, look, and give Wayne a thumbs up……..

As a well respected Master Thatcher, Wayne offers Excellent Service, which is undertaken by Himself, and his conscientious Thatching Team.

For a free quotation you can contact Wayne at Thatchright on 0161 998 6229.



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