Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Refunds and Cancellations T&Cs

Gift Vouchers and Loyalty Cards

Gift vouchers are non-refundable. We do appreciate that sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may mean they cannot be used and we are happy for them to be transferred to a friend.

Guy’s Thatched Hamlet Gift Card Terms & Conditions
1. ValidlyactivatedgiftcardsissuedbyGuy’sEatingEstablishmentsLtd(GTH Gift Card) can be used as full or part payment for goods in Guy’s Eating Establishments Restaurant & Pizzeria, Owd Nell’s Tavern, Guy’s Canalside lodge and Boddington’s Pavilion across the Bilsborrow site, near Garstang, Lancashire (the Bilsborrow Site) and for purchases made online at Guysthatchedhamlet.com.

Validly activated gift cards issued by Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd can be used as full or part payment for goods on the Bilsborrow Site.

2. Foronlinepurchasespleasefollowtheredemptionprocedureaccordingly (see above).

3. Nochangeorrefundswillbegivenwherethesalestransactionisforan amount less than the balance on the gift card, but the balance may be applied to future purchases.

4. Giftcardscannotbeusedtopurchasegiftvouchers,additionalgiftcardsor book tokens nor can a gift card (and any gift card balance) be exchanged for cash.

5. Guy’sEatingEstablishmentsLtdreservestherighttorefusetoacceptanygift card payment where it deems that a gift card has been tampered with, duplicated or where it is otherwise suspected to be affected by fraud.

6. Agiftcardisforpersonaluseonlyanditmaynotbeusedforcommercial purposes (including but not limited to resale) without Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd prior written consent.

7. GiftcardsareexemptfromGuy’sEatingEstablishmentsLtdStandard Returns Policy. However, any gift card which is purchased online may be returned to Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd undamaged, unused and with proof of purchase and Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd will refund the value of the gift card. Please note:

a. YoumustinformGuy’sEatingEstablishmentsLtdofyourintentionto cancel your purchase within 14 days of the date that you receive your gift card from us. You must either: email us at Anne@guysthatchedhamlet.com telephone us on 01995 640010 or write to us at Guy’s Thatched Hamlet, St Michael’s Road, Bilsborrow, Near Garstang, Lancashire. PR3 0RS.

b. Pleaseincludeaclearstatementthatyouwishtocancelyourpurchase and details of your name, address, details of the order you wish to cancel and, where you have provided them to us as part of your order,

your phone number and email address.

c. After you have informed Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd of your intention to cancel your purchase, you should return the gift card to us at your cost within 14 days of your giving us notice to cancel your purchase and Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd will reimburse to you (by the method used to pay for the original transaction) the amount, less the cost of postage. Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd will make the reimbursement no later than 14 days after the day Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd receives back from you the returned gift card.

8. Theminimumamountrequiredtoactivateortop-upagiftcardis£1for Sterling Gift Cards and the maximum gift card limit is £500 for Sterling Gift Cards.

9. Agiftcardisnotachequeguarantee,debitorcreditcard.

10.If a Gift Card is not used for a period of 2 years from the date or purchase (or date of last card transaction, if later), it will automatically expire and any remaining balance will be deducted.

11. Please protect your gift card and treat it as cash. Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged gift cards or any credit amounts on such gift cards. Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd reserves the right to issue another gift card for the unspent balance of an original gift card at its discretion on production of your original receipt, but Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd is not responsible for funds used without your knowledge.

12.Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd reserves the right to add to or waive these terms and conditions on reasonable notice for legal, security or regulatory reasons or to discontinue the gift card scheme at any time in the event of circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Customers will be notified in advance via displays at the Bilsborrow site, in the event of any such change.

13.Gift cards may be used for payment of goods of a higher price than the current gift card balance, on payment of the difference. Over payments, where goods are subsequently exchanged for goods of a lower price, will be added to the balance of the gift card (see above for online procedure).

14.Additional terms and conditions apply for online gift card use - please see above.

GTH Gift Cards are issued by Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd, Walworks, Chain Cawl Way, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire. PR3 (Company number .........).

Loyalty Card T&C’s
1. Loyalty Terms
1.1 These are the terms and conditions on which we provide our Guy’s Eating Establishments Ltd (GTH) loyalty programme, including eligibility, earning GTH Rewards Points and redeeming Rewards. Please read these Loyalty Terms carefully to understand the permissions and restrictions in relation to our Rewards loyalty programme.
2. Eligibility and Registration
2.1 You must be at least 16 years old and live in the UK to participate in GTH Rewards.
2.2 You can earn GTH Rewards Points on qualifying sales (see Earning Rewards below) before you have registered your GTH Rewards card. However, you must register your GTH Rewards card to redeem GTH Rewards Points you have earned and to access other features of GTH Rewards.
2.3 You must register your GTH Rewards card within 12 months of first using it. If you do not register, all GTH Rewards Points earned on your GTH Rewards card will be lost and we may cancel your card.
2.4 You can link 1 GTH Loyalty card and one GTH gift card to your GTH account. Earning Rewards
2.5 You can use your GTH Rewards card to earn GTH Rewards Points at the Bilsborrow site, known as Guy’s Thatched Hamlet. (the Site).
2.6 Where we say "card" in these terms, we mean both your physical card.
2.7 You can view your balance of GTH Rewards Points in your online account or
your GTH website at Https://www.myicare3.net/
2.8 We may deduct GTH Rewards Points you have earned on an eligible sale if you later return or exchange the relevant goods, or you are refunded the purchase price. We only sell age-restricted products if you meet the minimum age requirement. If we believe you look under 25 years old, we will ask you for a valid proof of age for certain purchases.
Earning GTH Rewards Points
2.9 You will earn:
(a)1 GTH Rewards Point for every £1 spent on goods at the Bilsborrow site.
We may change how many GTH Rewards Points you earn on qualifying sales. We will tell you if we do this.
2.10 GTH Rewards Points cannot be earned on:
(a)Discounted products
(b)tobacco and related products
(c)purchases from non-participating outlets at the Bilsborrow site.
2.11 We may also exclude other products from time to time and, if we do, we will tell you what they are.
2.12 Except as explained in Section 2.9 above, there is a minimum spend to earn GTH Rewards Points of £1.00, which we may amend from time to time.
2.13 You must present your GTH Rewards card at the till to earn GTH Rewards Points and other selected rewards on your qualifying sales.
2.14 If you do not have your GTH Rewards card when you pay your bill, we will look up your card number and add points manually to your card.

2.15 GTH Rewards IOUs will not be allowed.
2.16 We may add restrictions on the redemption of GTH Rewards Points from time
to time. We also may investigate and restrict our GTH Rewards Points offering where we suspect fraud, misuse or abuse of our programme, without further notice. Please contact us for more information.
2.17 Your GTH Rewards Points do not have an expiry date, but unspent GTH Rewards Points will be lost if your account is closed or if we end GTH Rewards before you redeem them (see Ending your Account below).
2.18 We will endeavour to add GTH Rewards Points to your account within 28 days.
2.19 We reserve the right to correct incorrect GTH Rewards Points balances.
Other Rewards
2.20 We may run extra offers or promotions from time to time through which you can earn additional GTH Rewards Points.
2.21 These extra offers or promotions may have additional terms, which will apply to them. Depending on the nature of such offers or promotions, promoter employees may be excluded from participating. We will tell you what these additional terms are before we start the offer or promotion. By participating in an offer or promotion, you will be treated as having accepted its additional terms.
3. Lost/Stolen GTH Reward Cards
3.1 You must keep your GTH Reward card and your login details for your online account safe.
3.2 Please keep your personal details up to date. You can do this by going online at Https://www.myicare3.net/ and updating your personal information in the "My Profile" section. We will not be responsible for any loss of GTH Rewards Points including the closure of your account under Section 6.3 if you do not keep your account details up to date.
3.3 You must tell us as soon as possible, if your GTH Reward card is lost or stolen, or if you believe your online account or GTH App has been accessed without your permission. You can do this by calling our care-line on 01995 640010. It is your responsibility to contact us if your card is lost or stolen or if your account has been accessed without your permission.
3.4 We will have no responsibility for any unauthorised use of your GTH Rewards Points.
4. Ending Your Account
4.1 You may choose to leave the GTH Rewards scheme at any time. If you do so, we will cancel your GTH Rewards card and you will lose any GTH Rewards Points before you leave.
4.2 We may cancel your GTH Rewards card and close your account if you do not use your card for 2 years. Before we do this, we will tell you and give you a reasonable opportunity to start using your card again.
4.3 We may also cancel your card and close your account if we reasonably believe that:
(a)you have broken any of these Terms (or any additional terms we have told you about);
(b)you are abusing the GTH Rewards scheme or using your GTH Rewards card in a dishonest or fraudulent way (or are trying to do any of these things); or
(c)you have provided us with false, incomplete or misleading information,

and, if we cancel your card and close your account for any of the above reasons, you will lose any GTH Rewards Points that you have earned, but not spent at that time.
" We may also cancel your card and close your account if we decide to end the GTH Rewards scheme, which we may do in our discretion. If we decide to do this, we will tell you beforehand and give you a reasonable opportunity to redeem your GTH Rewards Points.

Owd Nell’s Tavern Loyalty
Our loyalty points are gained each time you buy food or drink from Owd Nell’s Tavern. Points are doubled at certain times of the year. Food, drink and accommodation coupons become available the more points you collect in certain days, weeks, months of the year.
Loyalty Points
300 Points – 3% DSC
500 Points – 5% DSC
1000 Points – 9% DSC
Points are contacted and discount applied in Owd Nell’s Tavern on Food and Drink products...
Sign up...
Sign up online at www.myicare3.net and keep track of your Points & Coupons.
Web Address: https://www.myicare3.net Enter your card number: 063030000000XXXX Enter your PIN Number: Not Required
Enter your details, it will however state you’ve beed unsuccessful, don’t worry, you haven’t....
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